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Project name: Stonehenge Visitor Centre

Client: English Heritage

Project: Prepare and protect 1,700m² of Limestone Paving


Included in this prestige £27m investment is 1,700m2 of Lovell Purbeck “Chicksgrove” Limestone paving with locally sourced Sweet Chestnut timber cladding to the external walls of the Museum pod, after heavy rain, residue from some of the cladding badly stained the Limestone paving – see top right photo. Therefore before the protection could be applied the staining had to be removed.


With only 2 weeks left before the official opening and following extensive sample testing, QSS were able to design a “Hot Wash” process which would remove the staining without damaging the Limestone paving.

The cleansing process also removed all traces of any construction residue that naturally occur on a complex project such as this one.

After cleansing, the paving natural colours and vibrancy had been restored – see top left photo, after drying, the paving was then protected by QSS with QSTONE SF invisible long life impregnation. QSS also provided a detailed future maintenance regime for the paving.


  • The cleansed and protected new paving superbly compliments the striking and imaginative New Visitor Centre

  • All the QSS work was carried out overnight in a non stop 18 hour shift to optimise freedom for all the other trades to complete there respective tasks

  • Protected paving can now be more easily cleansed with most stains now removable.

  • Lower whole life cost

  • The whole contract was completed early and within budget


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