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Retail & Leisure Parks 

Interconnected services for FM companies


We understand what an integral role FM companies play in keeping their clients portfolios in top condition while managing the day to day challenges that come with ongoing maintenance . This is often a very time consuming role that involves managing a multitude of different contractors to facilitate the required works.

Over the years we have worked alongside many of the UK's largest Facilities Management Companies (and continue to do so today) assisting in the ongoing maintenance at their sites situated throughout the UK.


Working for FM companies we have adjusted our offering to include many valuable services under one roof.


Low Level:

- Large Area Paving Cleaning

- Car Park Cleaning

- Low Level External Painting 


High Level:

- Commercial Cladding Cleaning 

- Commercial/Industrial Roof Cleaning

- Commercial/Industrial Roof Maintenance 

- Commercial Gutter Clearance and Repair

- Pigeon Proofing Detterent 

- High Level Cleaning

Mandatory Safety Checks:

- Mandatory safety checks on all high level access equipment, Including:

- Mansafe Safety Lines

- Fixed Ladders


The main benefits of working with YFMG and our interconnected services:

- Sole service provider 

- Dedicated point of contact

- Services delivered at all locations 

- More cost effective to keep it all under one provider 

- Out of hours where required (no site disruption)

- Many years of experience delivering to FM companies

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