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Project name: Southgate Bath Shopping Centre

Site: Southgate, Bath

Project: Deep cleanse and impregnate 8,500m2 of Royal Forest Pennant Stone paving

Completed on time and to budget including a 5 Year Guarantee!


The outstanding Southgate Bath £300m development was completed in August 2010. The owners were very keen to raise the FM quality bar even higher, consequently in June 2015, Broadgate Estates succeeded in winning this prestige contract, Broadgate are renowned for enabling remarkable places to perform, clearly the paving needed rejuvenation.

This state of the art complex attracts an annual footfall of circa 24m, consequently the stunning Royal Forest Pennant paving requires regular and appropriate maintenance to ensure that it’s colourful vibrancy only serves to compliment these prestige surroundings.

Given the paving had never been protected or effectively cleansed over the last 7 years it just looked really unloved in its gentle shade of grey! The Forest Pennant beauty was invisible. Broadgate Estates chose QSS to carry out a test panel to define the correct process to restore natural colours, the Client approved outcome was met with immense enthusiasm and satisfaction. There was a further challenge for QSS; to ensure that the paving regularly looked at its best.


Following an intense deep cleanse augmented with “hot rotary” washing/eco friendly detergents the whole 8500m2 of Forest Pennant paving was protected with QSTONE SF solvent free invisible impregnation. The initially unprotected paving, despite having worked extremely hard, was recovered and restored by QSS “to as good as new” as the attached photo’s (top–before & foreground after cleansing) graphically amplify. QSS completed the paving rejuvenation during 16 overnight shifts, this naturally created a huge visual impact for both Customers and Residents with no disruption to business.

Given the average of 66,000 footfall per day, QSS have been contracted to re-cleanse all the paving every eight weeks at a highly competitive rate, achievable due to the protection performance enabling far faster cleansing.

Client Testimonial:

“QSS, over the period of 2 weeks delivered a very high specification deep cleanse and protective impregnation to our external paved areas. Both ourselves and our clients were impressed with their attention to detail aid overall results. We would have no hesitation in recommending QSS to the wider market place across the UK.”

Mr Guy Henderson, Centre Manager, Southgate Bath.


The protected paving remains easier to clean, aids gum removal whilst minimising staining. Zero disruption to all Customers with no increase in slip risks. The refreshed Forest Pennant Stone graphically amplifies Broadgate Estates quality standards. Southgate Bath is again a fresher, brighter place to shop, work and visit.

With a 5 year guarantee, QSS completed the project on time and to budget!


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