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BIDS & Local Authorities

External cleaning contractors for Business Improvement Districts & Local Authorities

Over the years we have supported many BIDS  & Local Authorities providing street cleaning & cleansing to a multitude of different large external areas. 

Maintaining public realm areas can be difficult, with tens of thousands of pedestrians and business owners using the areas daily, they get a-lot of use and abuse. 

At YorkshireFMG we specialise in providing post construction cleaning support for town and city paving regeneration projects from 1000sqm to 50,000 sqm+. We have you covered for all areas of public realm cleaning and regeneration; from regular scheduled cleans to chewing gum removal, to post construction paving regneration.

Our fully trained and insured operatives are available 24/7,  working overnight to ensure minimal disturbance to local businesses and residents. Having successfully delivered our services to clients in all corners of the UK , we are confident in our ability to meet and exceed your requirements. 

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