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Project name: Swindon Town Centre Regeneration

Site: Wharf Green, Canal Walk and Regent Street

Project details: Deep cleanse and impregnate 13,200m² of Forest Pennant paving


Swindon is committed to a major multi-phase town centre regeneration project. The town is determined to deliver an environment that is perceived by residents and visitors alike as being outstanding. With the level of investment across the whole project totalling £1billion, they needed to be confident their objectives would continue to be met for many to come.

QSS initially provided and applied QSTONE invisible Impregnation to all the sandstone paving, conclusive results in reducing gum adhesion was client approved. There were particular requirements to ensure that the sandstone paving would be highly stain resistant and therefore easier to maintain and keep clean.

After experiencing material delays on a previous project due to quarry flooding, the client needed buffer stock of stone in place at the quarry. They were keen to determine whether pre-treatment of the stone once cut could be achieved thereby simplifying the construction work and reducing risk of further delays.


QSS formed a unique partnership with Forest of Dean Stone Firms, suppliers of the Forest Pennant paving, to prepare and impregnate the stone at their works then pack it in readiness, to be called off as required.

Post installation, QSS washed the surface again to remove construction residue and then applied Qcide, QSS’s anti algae/moss/lichen biocide and slow release detergent treatment to reduce slip risks, maintain stone colour and natural vibrancy.


  • The paving is protected prior to its installation which means a reduction of onsite damage therefore making it easier to clean the surface post its installation.

  • No project delays

  • The stock levels exceeded the installation call off requirements

  • QStone treatment carried out in the best environment for ideal finish and availability

  • QSS provided a 5 year warranty for the protection and completed the project on time and to budget


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