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Greening Removal, Prevention and Maintenance

What Causes Greening?

What is referred to as 'Greening' is actually the build up of mould, algae, and other unwanted green growths in your hard landscaped areas. If left untreated this can result in not only structural deterioration of the external area, but create a real slip hazard for your customers/clients/tenants/employees. As well as massively reducing the curb appeal of the area.

Maintenance is Key, why?

Greening is natural in the UK climate and unless maintained can have serious consequences to all external landscaped areas. 

We recommend your external areas get a biocide treatment at least annually to help keep the natural greening at bay while slowing regrowth.

Our favoured product is a bio safe, non toxic spray mist that absorbs into the stone quickly removing all algae and lichen that is hosted in the stone.

Surface Impregnantion and Protection

Whether your external area has been recently laid or recently cleaned, its important to maintain to keep the area as safe and visually impressive as possible.  

Surface Protection comes in many different types, we have tried many during the past 20+ years. We use a specially formulated surface impregnation that leaves the surface completely unaltered in appearance, it repels water and any surface dirt from deep penetration maintaining the appearance of the surface.

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