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The UK is a country full of large commercial & industrial buildings which tend to have metal cladding roofing. They look amazing when initially installed, however if they are not maintained against the harsh elements of the UK's unpredictable weather, issues can arise. 

An unavoidable issue with commercial roofs is that of "cut-end corrosion". This is where the edges of coated metal cladding and sheeting are exposed to the elements for long periods of time causing delamination to occur, which means the factory coating can peel back exposing the untreated metal underneath. This predominantly occurs around the sheet overlaps and sheet end areas. 


If left untreated, over time this corrosion can continue to expose more of the metal sheet to the effects of weathering, further exacerbating the problem until it's too late and roof sheet failure occurs.


Early detection and ongoing maintenance treatment is vital to keeping your roof from experiencing much more costly reactive procedures in the long run.

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